This 1 Simple Thing Could Change Your Life.


The 1 simple thing that I’m going to discuss today is the very thing that brought you here. Curiosity!


“ When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do “ – Walt Disney


Think back to when we were a child playing in a backyard that seemed to hold endless possibilities, curiosity was at an all-time high, the world was interesting and we were motivated !Untitled design

As children, our interactions stemmed from curiosity. Fast forward to the present, where the majority of us are more curious as to latest happenings on social media, T.V series and tabloids then our own personal interactions with the outside world. This holds the potential to leave us disinterested and unmotivated with our own lives, seeking fulfilment elsewhere.

Maybe it’s time we switch off this auto-pilot and become interested in ourselves again ?

Switching off autopilot and reigniting our interest.

Once curiosity arrives, autopilot switches off and you find your ideas changing, opening up new possibilities for interest and enjoyment in areas of your life that once seemed mundane.

Research shows that as this happens, our ideologies grow, we become interested and the world’s exciting again.

Best-selling author and Harvard psychologist Ellen J. Langer conducted several different experiments, involving a diverse range of tasks, participants who were asked to notice new things about their experiences reported liking it more afterwards ! This interest can be applied to everyday experiences. You will be surprised to see how much excitement can be in your day.

If curiosity can make an average day exciting, then why aren’t we doing it?

As we get older and our obligations increase, so does our tendency towards predictable routines. The reason we do this makes sense, it’s efficient, repeatable and requires less thought and effort.

Professor Kathleen Vohs explains: “Using your mind to make decisions is a very taxing enterprise. So when people make decisions, it turns out that it takes energy away from their entire psychological system and that energy would be specifically used for controlling their behaviors and making other good decisions down the line.”

For more from Kathleen Vohs click the link. 

When our thought processes within our routines become automated, curiosity is at a stand still, leaving no room for creativity and so our interest begins to dry out. This Leaves us with a very predictable and boring lifestyle.

On the other hand, people who exhibit high levels of curiosity experience higher levels of satisfaction and a greater sense of meaning in life, a concept raised by psychology lecturer and author, Todd Kashdan.

Kashdan states “Curiosity is important for other aspects of well-being. Think about gratitude. It is one of the most profound predictors of having happiness in life. But how can I be grateful without asking “Who in my social environment is helping me that I may not be acknowledging?” So curiosity is the engine that allows me to be grateful”

Curiosity is one of the most natural traits we have. It sparks interest, overrides fears and  amplifies joy within experiences.

If you want to be interested, squash fears and amplify your joy, try some of my tips below


5 ways to spark your curiosity !

  1. Keep an open mind and avoid being biased
  2. Identify possibilities within uncertainty.
  3. Be enthusiastic
  4. Try new things
  5. Explore your environment


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