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Who is WellFit Personal Training suitable for?

We help people transform their bodies, be a healthy example for their children, get back some me time and uncover amazing versions of themselves.

WellFit is for those who have tried multiple fad diets, signed up for 12-month gym memberships and not used them, or people who have injured themselves with unsupported exercise routines.

Everyone has unique goals, lifestyles and commitments. It is our job at WellFit to remove the thoughts of being unhappy with your body and health.

Removing those thoughts creates a feeling of lightness, allowing you to live all areas of life to the fullest!

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Real people, overcoming challenges & balancing lifestyles

Supportive Personal Trainers serving Newcastle & the Hunter since 2010

Since WellFit Personal Training was created back in 2010, the fitness industry has had massive growth. That growth has resulted in many different avenues to achieve results, with more and more people looking for ways to improve themselves.

Bootcamps, Functional Training, Movement, Olympic Lifting and Insane High Intensity Workouts have all had time in the spotlight.

The truth is, all of these methods can work and it’s great to try things to find what works for you.

At WellFit, all of our personal training programs are designed specific to you. This means we use numerous methods of training and nutrition to help you achieve your goal. If something isn’t working, we don’t just quit and give-up. We change, tweak and adapt – always moving forwards.

We keep inspiration high, your personal motivations in mind, keeping you accountable to the goals you truly want to achieve.

WellFit is proud to be a registered provider of Exercise Physiology for the NDIS

One-on-one personal training

Specialised personal training to suit your goals & lifestyle. Maximal fitness & weight loss results. We 100% focus on YOU!

1-on-1 personal fitness training
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You deserve to be the best version of yourself! Below are just a few of the amazing success stories that we've helped create*
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What makes WellFit Personal Trainers different?

This is a massive unknown fact about the personal training industry.

The vast majority (over 80%) of commercial gyms actually contract personal trainers! The gyms themselves have little invested interest in how the trainers are performing and if the trainer’s clients are happy or getting results.

The main concern to the gym is that the personal trainer pays their rent and the client keeps their membership.

This is extremely unfortunate for the trainers, as the pressure to pay rent and find new paying clients takes away from the energy of caring for and helping their clients succeed.

Personal Trainers are expected to be able to run a business with no industry experience.

This can create an unhealthy culture because in most cases these gym-based trainers are actually in competition with each other for the clients.

At WellFit, all of our teams are employees of the WellFit brand. They aren’t struggling to pay rent, needing to source clients or having to guard their best training secrets from fear other trainers stealing clients.

Helping clients live in happiness, through improving health, body and mindset

From the level of Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainers with over 13 yrs experience, to the newest trainers that are jumping out of their skin to help everyone they can. The entire WellFit team shares ideas and connects with the one goal in mind.

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