Who is WellFit Personal Training suitable for?

We help people transform their bodies, be a healthy example for their children, get back some me time and uncover amazing versions of themselves.


WellFit is for those who have tried multiple fad diets, signed up for 12-month gym memberships and not used them, or people who have injured themselves with unsupported exercise routines.


Everyone has unique goals, lifestyles and commitments. It is our job at WellFit to remove the thoughts of being unhappy with your body and health. Removing those thoughts creates a feeling of lightness, allowing you to live all areas of life to the fullest!

*All results may vary depending on the individual and adherence to the program.

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Supportive Personal Trainers serving Newcastle and the Hunter since 2010.


Now with 4 personal training studio locations at Broadmeadow, Warners Bay, Thornton and Taylors Beach!


Since WellFit Personal Training was created back in 2010, the fitness industry has had massive growth. That growth has resulted in many different avenues to achieve results, with more and more people looking for ways to improve themselves.


Bootcamps, Functional Training, Movement, Olympic Lifting and Insane High Intensity Workouts have all had time in the spotlight.


The truth is, all of these methods can work and it’s great to try things to find what works for you.

At WellFit, all of our personal training programs are designed specific to you. This means we use numerous methods of training and nutrition to help you achieve your goal. If something isn’t working, we don’t just quit and give-up. We change, tweak and adapt – always moving forwards.


We keep inspiration high, your personal motivations in mind, keeping you accountable to the goals you truly want to achieve.


For a happy mind and a healthy body, there isn’t a quick fix. There is only…



Helping clients live

in happiness,

through improving health, body and


What makes WellFit Personal Trainers Different?

This is a massive unknown fact about the personal training industry.


The vast majority (over 80%) of commercial gyms actually contract personal trainers! The gyms themselves have little invested interest in how the trainers are performing and if the trainer’s clients are happy or getting results.


The main concern to the gym is that the personal trainer pays their rent and the client keeps their membership.


This is extremely unfortunate for the trainers, as the pressure to pay rent and find new paying clients takes away from the energy of caring for and helping their clients succeed.


Personal Trainers are expected to be able to run a business with no industry experience.


This can create an unhealthy culture because in most cases these gym-based trainers are actually in competition with each other for the clients.


At WellFit, all of our teams are employees of the WellFit brand. They aren’t struggling to pay rent, needing to source clients or having to guard their best training secrets from fear other trainers stealing clients.


From the level of Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainers with over 13 yrs experience, to the newest trainers that are jumping out of their skin to help everyone they can. The entire WellFit team shares ideas and connects with the one goal in mind.


“Helping clients live in happiness, through improving health, body and mindset”

Newcastle Studio

58 Broadmeadow Rd,
Broadmeadow NSW 2282
(02) 4969 8478

Thornton Studio

2/47 Bonville Ave,
Thornton NSW 2322
(02) 4966 5205

Lake Macquarie Studio

2/337 Hillsborough Rd,
Warners Bay NSW 2282
(02) 4954 7765

Taylors Beach Studio

3/18 Shearwater Drive,
Taylors Beach NSW 316
(02) 4981 9143

Your personal trainer will aim for life-changing results.


1-on-1 Personal Training

Specialised personal training to suit your goals + lifestyle. Maximal fitness & weight loss results. 100% focus on YOU.

Learn more


Small Group Fitness Training

Love the energy of group personal training but dont want to feel unnoticed? Small Group PT is for you!

Learn more


Pre & Post Natal Training

Hoping to stay in shape during pregnancy or need help losing weight as a new Mum? Ask about our flexible programs!

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Personal Fitness Training Services we provide:

1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions

Personal training for couples

Diet plans & nutritional advice

Group Fitness Training / Boot Camps

Exercise Programs to Help You Lose Weight

Strength Training & Gym Programs

Injury rehabilitation support

Cardiovascular Fitness Training

Sports specific preparation training

Pregnancy & Post-Natal Exercise

Pre-Wedding Weight Loss

Corporate Fitness & Wellness Programs

Motivation is a huge focus here at WellFit Personal Training.

Here’s a quick video interview Brendon held with Australian wheelchair racing Paralympic legend (& Newcastle resident)

Kurt Fearnley about motivation & how he stays focused to achieve his lofty goals:

  • Amazing Success Stories

    Amazing Success Stories

    * WellFit Personal Training’s 2013 NBN News Story: Our Amazing Client’s Fight Back After Cancer. We absolutely love seeing our clients achieve their goals and this story proves no matter what your challenge is, you can overcome it. Whether your goal is to lose weight, get fitter & stronger, feel healthier or just to have more energy, YOU CAN DO IT with the right mindset and dedication.Learn more about this inspirational story *

  • * Life Changing Personal Training

    * Life Changing Personal Training

    WellFit’s Newcastle personal trainers make it a priority to deliver permanent results. When you get to a position where you are truly happy and excited about your life, it is important to change your habits and mindset to maintain it . WellFit’s systematic approach to weight loss delivers this by focusing on the emotions behind why we end up where we are. So this time you will stay motivated and have true life balance. *

  • * Be Healthier & Happier!

    * Be Healthier & Happier!

    One of the first things you will notice training with a WellFit personal fitness trainer is increased energy and an enhanced mood. Our 30 minute workout will leave you feeling like you have worked hard but won’t leave you feeling exhausted like extended training can do. After all, our personal trainers want you to feel great during the process of your journey, not just at the finish line. *

* All results may vary depending on the individual and adherence to the program.

Overall Rating / 12 Total 1st-Party Reviews

4.9 Out of
5 Stars

WellFit Personal Training

5.0 out of 5 stars
- November 26, 2016

I've been going to Wellfit for several years now and really love going there. I've been to numerous other gyms previously, but never felt as comfortable as I do at Wellfit. They may not have all the bells and whistles - no hair straighteners in the bathrooms, etc but I feel like this is part of the charm. The other clients that I have developed a friendship with over the years make going to Wellfit an enjoyable experience. I feel like there is almost a Wellfit family, that I am very glad to be a part of.


5.0 out of 5 stars
- May 31, 2016

I loved doing the well fit group fitness and achieved excellent results. I felt stronger and more toned than ever before! The trainers were really friendly and knowledgable.


4.0 out of 5 stars
- May 3, 2016

Wellfit has an awesome team assembled. I've never felt more welcome at a gym.


5.0 out of 5 stars
- April 25, 2016

Best money I've ever spent! My level of general fitness has elevated greatly and that just wouldn't happen without the personal trainer. I find it too easy to say "I'll do it a little later...". So many a gym fee has gone wasted in the past. Even exercising/stretching at home rarely gets done (as I promise myself) so the 3 trips a week to Wellfit is the only thing that does it. Of course, also being shown how to do the right exercises (considering particular goals or current injuries) and do them properly is also very important. Nathan is a gem so it is very easy to show up even on those days when one wakes up tired and just plain lazy. Thanks Nathan and Wellfit!


4.5 out of 5 stars
- February 23, 2016

I always enjoy coming in to wellfit. Staff are always friendly and helpful. I find the groups sessions are never the same but challenge me to always improve myself. I feel wellfit is more like a family who support and build each other up. After a stressful day at work its nice to come in workout and leave feeling a millions times better than when you walked in.


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