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WellFit’s Pre-Natal program will help you reach your childbirth as a strong and healthy woman, with the best chance for a strong and healthy baby.

Sheridan Fearnley Pregnancy Exercise Training Client at WellFit* Most women now know that it is safe to exercise during pregnancy, however, the specifics of which exercises you should do and which ones you should avoid are much less common knowledge. This is where you need help.

Pregnancy can be a difficult time for a woman. The scales will edge inevitably higher each week, and your self-image can take a hit. Exercise is just as important for your mental well-being as for your physical well-being. Woman who exercise throughout their pregnancy have higher self-image than those who are inactive for the 9months. Read on to the bottom of the page for a complete list of the benefits associated with training while pregnant!!


Even if you’ve previously been inactive, it is safe to exercise during pregnancy!

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* Our pre-natal training is based on 1on1 sessions, with all programming overseen by our exercise physiologist to ensure your safety at all times. Exercise programs are designed specific to your pre-pregnancy fitness level and training history, and modified throughout your pregnancy as your body goes through its changes.


Testimonials from some of our previous Mums:



“Being in a positive environment while maintaining my health and wellbeing made my pregnancy a great experience” *


Before and after pregnancy weight loss training *

When I fell pregnant my priority was to maintain the level of health and fitness that Drew and I had worked hard to achieve to give myself and my baby the best opportunity to thrive throughout the pregnancy – And Thrive we have. During my pregnancy I have continued to train with Drew 2-3 times per week and his knowledge on pregnancy and exercise prescription is second to none. Each training session is different and on those days were my body just seemed to have changed overnight, Drew quickly adjusted the training to accommodate my bodies changing abilities. Most importantly though, throughout the sessions Drew has been nothing but positive, supportive and enthusiastic about the pregnancy. I can definitely say that being around such a positive attitude and maintaining my own health and wellbeing have made my pregnancy such a great experience, with little to no fatigue, sickness, soreness or anxiety. I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant and at each checkup my Dr and midwives are extremely happy with my progress and have encouraged me to “keep doing whatever your doing”.*


I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant and plan on continuing to train with Drew until my baby is born. I also plan on recommencing training with Drew as soon as I can post-natal, because I have no doubt he will be as helpful in the new stage of my life as a mum, as he has been throughout this one.*


So no matter what stage of your life your at, and no matter your fitness levels I would encourage you to contact the team at WellFit. And for all those pregnant ladies or those planning on starting a family, I cannot recommend these guys more to help you stay strong, healthy and happy throughout the pregnancy.*





“I felt completely safe and at ease with every aspect of my personal training during my pregnancy thanks to Drew” *

 Pregnancy & Post natal shots of a woman training *

“I was training with Drew before I fell pregnant and always enjoyed our sessions so once I found out I was expecting I was keen to continue training for as long as possible. Drew was wonderful- I had pretty bad morning sickness throughout most of my pregnancy and he was always understanding if I had to cancel at the last minute. I felt completely safe and at ease with every aspect of my personal training during my pregnancy thanks to Drew. I was able to comfortably keep up with my sessions until just after 34 weeks and would have happily continued if my morning sickness had have let me!
I can honestly say the exercises Drew gave me made a positive difference to my pregnancy and well-being, especially with me being sick, and my obstetrician agrees.
I’m looking forward to getting back into personal training post baby and cannot recommend Drew highly enough to anyone, pregnant or not.” *



Benefits of Pre-Natal Exercise

  • Easing of back pain – Some two-thirds of pregnant women experience back pain but pelvic exercises and strengthening exercises can assist in reducing this. Exercise during the second half of pregnancy seems to be especially helpful.
  • Improves mood – pregnancy can be equally as tough on mind and body. Exercise will help to increase serotonin levels, which is a chemical related to your good moods.
  • Improve self image –Exercise can help you feel better about yourself and also to make sure you are gaining healthy weight. Feel like a hot mama!!
  • Help to regain your body quickly after birth – this is a huge reason to partake in exercise throughout your pregnancy. If you can maintain strength and muscle tone up until close to labour, your body will have a much easier time in rebounding following the birth.
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Boost your energy
  • Sleep better
  • Prepare you for childbirth – childbirth has been compared to running a marathon, which requires stamina, determination, and focus. Being fitter and stronger can only assist in getting you through this process.
  • Assist in maintaining good posture
  • You lower your gestational diabetes risk by as much as 27 percent – overweight newborns of mums with gestational diabetes are more likely to develop diabetes later in life.
  • You’re more likely to avoid a forceps delivery, C-section or other intervention – Regular exercisers are 75 percent less likely to need a forceps delivery, 55 percent less likely to have an episiotomy and up to four times less likely to have a Cesarean section.
  • Exercise during pregnancy benefits not just the mother’s heart, but her baby’s heart as well. Exercise during the pregnancy can be the first action a mother makes to improve the cardiovascular health of her baby.

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