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Newcastle Gym - WellFit Personal Training Gym

Need a new Gym in Newcastle?

The experienced fitness staff at Wellfit Personal Training know what it is like to have to decide which gym is going to best meet your training needs.

Over the years, our staff have personally conducted countless Newcastle Gym Reviews. This page is designed to help you decide whether commercial gym training or private personal training is best for you and your goals.

WellFit is Newcastle’s leading Private Fitness Training & Group Personal Training Studio, but we know that some people prefer the busier atmosphere of a commercial gym or health club. That’s fine with us, because to get results you really need to be in an environment that suits you.

Here are some benefits of attending a private fitness studio like WellFit Personal Training in Broadmeadow, as opposed to a Newcastle Gym or Fitness Centre.

We hope these points help you make the decision that is right for you!

  • Gyms in Newcastle can become very crowded, especially in peak times. In a private personal training studio, there are never more than a handful of fitness trainers running 1-on-1 sessions at a time. Even the group fitness sessions are limited to small numbers and there is usually no contracts.


  • Good Personal Trainers work closely with their clients to achieve outstanding results. Working within a private studio means that there are no distractions and full focus can be given to you. Wellfit’s fitness professionals will never stop to talk to their friends or watch tv during your workout. Full attention is given to the client at all times.


  • WellFit’s Personal Trainers know what they’re doing. We only hire fully qualified & experienced trainers who have helped people achieve outstanding rapid weight loss & fitness results in the past. In our experience, (and all of the Wellfit staff have worked in commercial gyms previously) some personal trainers you find working in gyms are barely qualified & are simply training clients because it’s their ‘job’ and they receive higher commissions for pumping through more sessions with clients.


  • Monitoring your results! Because private fitness studios have less clients, they are able to put more time in, & pay more attention to, their clients. Private fitness trainers are also able to keep a close eye on your progress so that you never lose sight of your weight loss & fitness goals.


  • Moral Support. Confidence & Self-Esteem are often overlooked by fitness ‘professionals’ when dealing with clients. However, these two factors are actually the key to achieving long-term success for your body. In a private personal training environment, you don’t have to be self-conscious about who is watching you workout or what you look like on the treadmill. No Distractions = Efficient Workouts = Optimum Results!


We hope that you find this Gyms vs Private Personal Training comparison helpful. Please feel free to browse around our website and if you think you might like to try our private fitness studio for a no obligation Free Consultation, then pick up the phone or Contact a Wellfit Personal Trainer today.


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