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Man participating in a corporate fitness program

Attention! This isn’t your average corporate fitness program that allows ONLY your already-active staff another option of exercise.

Although we are grateful that these people have already developed the healthy
habits required to support their effectiveness in the workplace, we would
love to assist in helping them achieve new goals.

Here at WellFit Personal Training, our mission is to take on the totally sedentary person and give them the exercise routine, nutrition tools & support they truly need to turn their life around.

As Corporate Fitness Experts, WellFit offer flexible onsite or offsite services to companies in Newcastle & the Hunter Valley, from all industries.

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Are your staff assets or liabilities?

Asset based staff

Liability based staff

We fully understand that each work environment is different. That’s why we
have created 3 amazing programs to give your business ultimate results and
minimal distractions.

Option 1. Onsite Workplace Fitness.

We come to you! Our onsite workplace fitness program involves consultations,
health screenings, health talks, small and large groups workouts.

Eliminates barriers – One of the main excuses made my inactive people is the
lack of time. Exercising within work hours doesn’t take away from staff’s family
and social life.

Convenience – WellFit has left behind the “old School” 1 hr workouts, delivering
30-minute workouts that give maximal results. Onsite fitness also eliminates
travel time to and from the gym.

Great results for all fitness levels – All of WellFit’s programs are suited to any
fitness level. Each session will involve a number of different progressions that
will suit the totally reconditioned too your most active staff.

Motivating sessions – Each session will be completely different and progressive
towards your team’s goals. They will leave your staff feeling energized and
feeling great for the rest of the day.


Option 2. ACCESS to WellFit’s Personal Training Facility.

Perfect for businesses serious about there staffs health but are unable to cater to
onsite training.

WellFit’s new Broadmeadow, Newcastle facility is perfectly suited for small or large groups of staff. We have created
a very motivating and non-intimating environment that will make your staff
comfortable about their new healthy endeavors. All staff will receive additional
nutritional support.

Option 3. Empowering Environment.

Our Empowering environment package involves:
– Healthy workplace posters
– Staff Newsletter. (Bi-monthly) Full of exercise and nutrition tips.
– Health talks. Monthly/quarterly
– Staff access to our online Nutrition Software. Create meal plans, recipes and
shopping lists for each employee’s specific needs.

To find out which program suits you fill out a contact form or speak with a
WellFit Corporate Fitness Professional on (02) 4969 8478.