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15 May Righting Reflex Balance Exercises – For Improving Balance on Stable Surfaces | Day #135 WellFit 365

  Righting reflex balance exercises. For improving balance on stable surfaces. - 1 leg stand - 1 leg stand eyes closed - opposite arm reach to toe - 90 degree hopping - 180 degree hopping - ball throw and catch on one leg tilting reflex balance exercise. for balance on unstable surfaces and...

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13 May Varied and Boring – Finding The Balance | Day #133 WellFit 365

  In this video I discuss finding the balance between varied and BORING! Enjoy :)   Ask us a question or submit some feedback on WellFit 365 here If you find this video useful, please like, share & leave your comments :) Join WellFit on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/WellfitPersonalTraining ...

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