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19 Mar The ‘Arnold Press’ – Drew’s Favourite Shoulder Exercises #1 | Day #78 WellFit 365

The Arnold Press is One Of My Favourite Shoulder Exercises.   The 'Arnold Press' is an excellent variation to the traditional shoulder press exercise. Created by Arnold Schwarzenegger, this is an exercise he says is the best he knows for shoulder development. The rotation and movement of bringing the...

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Bonniebelle testimonial shot with whiteboard after beating cancer

18 Mar WellFit NBN News Story : Our Amazing Client’s Fight Back After Cancer

Congratulations To Our Amazing Newcastle Personal Training Client, Bonniebelle.   Below is a link to the NBN news feature story which ran on TV earlier tonight, titled "Hunter Woman Fights Back After Cancer" VIDEO: WellFit Personal Training Client's NBN News Story Some of you may be aware of Bonniebelle's...

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13 Mar WellFit 365 Question – Best Way To Improve Forward Head Posture? | Day #74 WellFit 365

How to Improve Your Forward Head Posture   Forward head posture is a very common postural problem where the head sits forward and places undue strain on the neck and shoulder muscles. This condition can lead to ongoing complaints of neck stiffness, upper back and neck spasms...

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