Welcome to the Wellfit team,


Let us start by saying that you are awesome! It really takes courage to take action and move towards your goals.

Wellfit’s mission is TRAIN, TRANSFORM, LIVE. Training is the method, Transforming is the process but the key is to Live. Ultimately we want you to find happiness on your individual path. Our approach is focused on personal needs and adapting the process along the way.


We want to create the best environment for your happiness to be nurtured. This is why we focus on fun workouts and a non-confronting approach to your goals.  Our Nutritional guidelines are designed for results within a lifestyle, not a restrictive quick fix diet.

Here are few quick to do’s before your first session.


  • Please download our ‘Getting Started Guide’ here.


  • Click the Social Button.  This will give you access to our private forum and our social media. The private forum is the best way to ask questions outside of your sessions and also receive information that is ‘client only’ access.Once you join our social media groups, feel free to check-in at workouts and share your results and experiences. The forum is a great place for this too, as members can learn and be inspired from each other.


  • Download ‘My Fitness Pal’ for your phone. Majority of our team will be using this to monitor your nutrient. Its also a great tool to improve your knowledge of whats in food. Don’t worry if it all seems a bit foreign, you trainer will show you how to use it.


1. Select Settings

2. Select Diary Settings

3. Select Friends Only

If you haven’t already please download the ‘Getting Started’ guide and feel free to come back to this page anytime.