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13 Nov What Do Personal Trainers Actually Do?

Wondering How Personal Trainers Can Help You?

  what-do-personal-trainers-actually-do-300x280Personal trainers are normally certified and trained professionals who work with others to help them meet their current exercise and fitness goals. Some personal trainers work alongside amateur and professional athletes looking to enhance their performance, which is why they are deemed athletic trainers. Personal trainers work with small groups or single individuals who want to achieve an enhanced degree of fitness. Normally, personal trainers begin their work by performing an evaluation of the individual health history of their client. These individuals encourage the client to discuss their exercise routine with a physician before they begin any training sessions. Anytime there is a red flag that pops up during the health history, it is always best to consult with a doctor/physician beforehand. At times trainers will end up meeting the client's doctor before they design an exercise program. Beyond simply understanding the medical history of the client, fitness trainers will also need to understand what goals the patient has for their exercise routine. Some people have specific goals in mind, while others are only searching for motivation, an exercise plan to get back into shape and lose weight or working to trim a problem area.
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A private Personal Trainer helping a client at WellFit Personal Training in Newcastle NSW

07 Nov Personal Training Studios VS Gym-Based Personal Trainers

The main goal of personal training is to provide a healthy dose of motivation and instruction. A major reason for not having success or meeting your desired goals with a personal trainer may not be the actual personal trainer, but the setting. There are two basic choices when it comes to seeking a personal trainer: gym-based personal trainers and personal training studios.
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30 Oct Cortisol – Is this hormone holding you back?

What is Cortisol? Cortisol is a natural steroidal hormone released by our adrenal glands. Our adrenal glands sit on top of our kidneys and release this hormone in response to stress situations. For this reason cortisol is often referred to as the “stress hormone”. Benefits of Cortisol? In small bursts, cortisol has many benefits. It can help with short term memory, aiding in removal of toxins from the body by your liver, assisting the immune system in regulating your blood sugar levels. It can also give us a small burst of energy in survival situations, and a temporarily higher pain threshold.
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11 Sep Apples – Doing a lot more than keeping the doctor away!!

We all know the rhyme about apples, it was most likely one of the first pieces of nutritional advice we received as children. But these small pieces of fruit do more than stop us lining our doctors pockets. Apples are one of the best and most readily available superfood’s on the planet, and they have a huge array of health benefits that you may be unaware. Here are some of apples hidden health treasures:-
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