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17 Dec WellFit 365 Video Series Preview

Daily Video Series Preview from WellFit Personal Training   Founders & Directors of WellFit Personal Training Drew Duggan & Brendon Osborne introduce WellFit 365, our 2013 daily video series covering tips & advice on exercise routines, personal training, weight loss, motivation & mindset, fitness nutrition & healthy...

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Best Gyms in Newcastle NSW

24 Nov Gyms in Newcastle NSW: Our Unbiased Guide For Novacastrians

An Open, Unbiased Review of Gyms for People in the Newcastle region

If you're new the the Hunter region and you're into fitness, it's likely that you've searched for a local gym in Newcastle at some point. Even if you've lived in Newcastle for years, choosing the best gym for you can be a tough decision. There are many factors that you need to consider:
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14 Nov Personal Training Tips; Essential training principles you must know!

Before you ever expect to make solid gains in a gym, there are several fundamental principles of training that you must know. These are not exercises or pre-made programs that will get you where you want to go, rather they are basic guidelines that all of your programs should abide by. If these principles are followed properly then your gains will be constant and your goals will become realities. All of these principles are very closely intertwined as you will see below.
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