WellFit Personal Training Newcastle: Gym, Personal Trainers, Bootcamp, Weight Loss & Fitness Specialists

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WellFit Personal Training Newcastle: We’re All About You.

Supportive Personal Trainers. Permanent Weight Loss.

58 Broadmeadow Rd, Broadmeadow, Newcastle NSW & NEW Warners Bay Studio Opening in April!

[/fullwidth] [separator top=”5″] [fullwidth backgroundrepeat=”no-repeat” backgroundposition=”top left” backgroundattachment=”scroll” bordersize=”0px” bordercolor=”#f6f6f6″ paddingTop=”0px” paddingBottom=”0px”] [content_boxes layout=”icon-on-top” iconcolor=”#333333″ circlecolor=”#fff” circlebordercolor=”#333333″ backgroundcolor=”transparent”] [content_box title=”1-on-1 Personal Training” icon=”” image=”/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/1-on-1-private-personal-trainer-e1391152521612.jpg” link=”/personal-training-newcastle/” linktarget=”_self” linktext=”Learn more”] Specialised personal training to suit your goals + lifestyle. Maximal results with 100% focus on you. [/content_box] [content_box title=”Small Group Fitness Training” icon=”” image=”/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Small-Group-Personal-Training-Bootcamp-e1392519825894.jpg” link=”/boot-camp-newcastle-nsw” linktarget=”_self” linktext=”Learn more”] Love the energy of group personal training but dont want to feel unnoticed? Small Group PT is for you! [/content_box] [content_box title=”Pre & Post Natal Training” icon=”” image=”/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Pregnancy-exercise-and-post-natal-training1-e1391153324928.jpg” link=”/pre-natal-training” linktarget=”_self” linktext=”Learn more”] Hoping to stay in shape during pregnancy or need help losing weight as a new Mum? Ask about our flexible programs! [/content_box] [/content_boxes] [/fullwidth] [fullwidth backgroundcolor=”#f8f8f8″ backgroundimage=”/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Bar-Beach-in-Newcastle-NSW-panoramic-photo.jpg” backgroundrepeat=”no-repeat” backgroundposition=”center center” backgroundattachment=”fixed” bordersize=”0px” bordercolor=”#e5e4e4″ paddingTop=”35px” paddingBottom=”35px”]

Our Personal Trainers Have Helped Hundreds of People Transform Their Bodies & Their Lives.

Here’s the kind of thing our valued personal training clients say about us:

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[testimonial name=”Nicole” gender=”female” company=”WellFit Personal Training”]”WellFit Personal Training is great! I lost 8 kilos and 15 inches off my body in only 5 months of training! The trainers are friendly, easy to get along with, make you feel very comfortable and suit all training to your needs. I would recommend them to everyone and even after my wedding I still see them for training!” – Nicole [/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Amanda” gender=”female” company=”WellFit Personal Training”] “I feel proud of myself for losing 17 kilos! I know i have worked hard and am still working hard! It’s also a great feeling to set new goals and achieve them now too. I feel healthier and happier and I’m stoked that my clothes fit me again. My husband is proud of me, friends and family, but most of all… I am proud that I just took the step to do something about the weight and all the rest is a massive bonus along the journey!” – Amanda[/testimonial]
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Motivation is a huge focus here at WellFit Personal Training.

Here’s a quick video interview Brendon held with Australian wheelchair racing Paralympic legend (& Newcastle resident) Kurt Fearnley about motivation & how he stays focused to achieve his lofty goals:

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Personal Fitness Training Services we provide:

  • Personal training for couples
  • Diet plans & nutritional advice
  • Exercise Programs to Help You Lose Weight
  • Strength Training & Gym Programs
  • Injury rehabilitation support
  • Cardiovascular Fitness Training
  • Sports specific preparation training

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Bonniebelle after her amazing Fight Back from Cancer

WellFit Personal Training’s 2013 NBN News Story: Our Amazing Client’s Fight Back After Cancer. We absolutely love seeing our clients achieve their goals and this success story proves that no matter what your challenge is, you can overcome it. Whether your goal is to lose weight, get fitter & stronger, feel healthier or just to have more energy, YOU CAN DO IT with the right mindset and dedication.Learn more about this inspirational story here.

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Lady-with-white-board-happiness[/one_half][one_half last=”yes”]Adam - WellFit Client Before & After Weight Loss Result from Personal Training sessions[/one_half]

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Be Healthier & Happier!

One of the first things you will notice training with a WellFit personal fitness trainer is increased energy and an enhanced mood. Our 30 minute workout will leave you feeling like you have worked hard but won’t leave you feeling exhausted like extended training can do. After all, our personal trainers want you to feel great during the process of your journey, not just at the finish line.[/one_half][one_half last=”yes”]

Life Changing Personal Training.

WellFit’s Newcastle personal trainers make it a priority to deliver permanent results. When you get to a position where you are truly happy and excited about your life, it is important to change your habits and mindset to maintain it . WellFit’s systematic approach to weight loss delivers this by focusing on the emotions behind why we end up where we are. So this time you will stay motivated and have true life balance. [/one_half]

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FREE 1 Hour Consultation

(Including 30 minute PT session)
No Pressure. No Hassles. No Obligation

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